Office Coffee Service

rearRussell Coffee Service has grown to become a leader in break room services.

Since 2011 we’ve been investing in only the best equipment and the highest quality products. RCS is ready to serve!

Russell Coffee Service provides single cup coffee systems, including Tassimo Professional and Pods. These systems allow you to have a genuine coffee shop in your office.  RCS provides drip-coffee systems in glass and air pots.

We use high quality products and equipment, providing maintenance and cleaning every visit.

RCS has the best water coolers: 100% Made in America, 9-stage filtration with reverse osmosis.

Great tasting, clean, fresh water for your office. We

 make break rooms and lobbies a comfortable and pleasurable place to be.

Office coffee service customers include automobile dealerships, factories, businesses with over 50 employees, and companies with steady walk-through traffic.

front1In addition to convenient office coffee service, RCS is now the leader in the St. Augustine and North Florida area with office water cooler service.

Adding clean, fresh cold and hot water to your break room is a great investment in your staff and your health. RCS provides only the best water cooler equipment.

RCS provides the highest quality water coolers from brands like Oasis and Wellsys.

You can get great-tasting, filtered water fast with Oasis Onyx bottle-less coolers. These on-demand water coolers deliver fresh, filtered, hot or cold water every hour. Plus, every Onyx model features an adjustable-temperature hot tank, so you can steep tea at the perfect temperature (which, by the way, is 175º or hotter.)

According to the Mayo Clinic, water makes up about 60 percent of our body weight. Water is extremely important to a healthy body as it helps to transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, regulate body temperature, detoxify, protect and help vital organs absorb nutrients, and protect and moisturize our joints. Drinking plenty of water can also increase your overall quality of life by helping you lose weight, have healthier looking skin, and have a healthier & more productive life.

One way to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water is to fill a 2-liter bottle (approximately eight, 8-ounce glasses) at the beginning of each day. Make sure that it is gone by the end of the day and have a few extra glasses of water if it is especially warm or you have increased your amount of exercise. If you are not a fan of water and want to add some flavor, add a slice of lemon or other citrus fruit.


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